Apple Cinnamon Raisin Crisp — 6.95

Sautéed apples and raisins in Christian Bros brandy, served with French vanilla ice cream and triangles of cinnamon phyllo and topped with a drizzling of hot fudge

Grand Marnier Crème Brûlée — 6.95

Creamy custard base topped with caramelized sugar

Turtle Brownie Sundae — 7.95

A rich chocolate brownie topped with French vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and caramel topped with whipped cream and caramelized walnuts
Add a shot of Baileys and Crème — 2

Tiramisu — 6.95

Layers of espresso soaked lady fingers and whipped mascarpone cheese topped with chocolate sauce

Chocolate Mousse — 6.95

Our rich and decadent house made chocolate mousse

Double Layered French Cheesecake — 7

A light, creamy, rich layer of cheesecake with a second smooth layer of a sour cream topping
(with berries — 7.75)

Crème Caramel — 6.95

Creamy caramelized custard

Ice Cream Sabayon with Berries — 7.75

French vanilla ice cream, creamy wine sauce and fresh berries

Ice Cream — Assorted flavors — 5.95

Brandy Ice — 12

An old classic! Vanilla ice cream, Brandy liquor, crème de cocoa, handcrafted into smooth creamy layers and topped with a flamed sugar cube