Live Piano Music schedule

Monday:            Jim Peterson
Tuesday:           Ed Warble
Wed:                  Bryan Harrell
Thursday:         Larry Brent
Friday:               Joel Barry
Saturday:          Larry Brent


Palm Court is partnering with the Autism Hero Project this April in honor of Autism month.

Enjoy Lia’s Key Lime pie for dessert and help us honor Autism Month this April!

For every slice purchased, Palm Court will donate $1.00 of the proceeds to the Autism Hero Project and $5.00 for every whole pie purchased.

The Autism Hero Project seeks to improve the lives of children with autism, people otherwise on the autism spectrum, and their families through providing financial assistance for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapeutic services, helping others understand autism-related needs in everyday life, and promoting more than just awareness among communities. We strive to create a world of inclusion,
where ALL means ALL.


Lia was born on December 23, 2008 to parents Evelyn and Brian Horita. Early on, doctors determined that Lia had some challenges and was placed on various therapies. Today Lia is 10 years old and while still mostly non-verbal, has made amazing progress and is a tremendous ray of sunshine and joy to be around.

In honor of Lia, and all of those fighting to be seen as any other in this world, Palm Court will be partnering with the Autism Hero Project during the month of April and will be donating proceeds’ of Lia’s Key lime pie to this very special cause.